Walk To The Light

Walk to the Light
Hi Everyone!!

Just wanted to push out a new blog as things are in completely full swing and Tilly and I have been so busy.  With the creation of !MiNT! Brand, running or highly successful district (ya’ll should come check it out), we have taken just a minute to sneak away and take this picture to share with you a fun and lovely style.

We do love sharing our styles with you and you will find all you need to recreate the look below.  Hope you all enjoy it, and never forget to sneak away with that special someone to show them love and attention, it goes a long way when you always are busy with working.

See you all soon,

Tilly and Bray

On Bray:

On Tilly:

Background Elements:

Light Fantastic!

Light Fantastic!

Hey Everyone!

Bray and I hope you all had a great weekend.  Monday can be a drag, can’t it?  So to help lift those Monday blues, we are here with some amazing new items to share with you!

I am wearing the beautiful new Clarissa Dress by Le Fil Casse, which you can go check out at the Whimsical Event which is on right now.   This dress is so pretty, and one of my new favourites!  Head over to the Whimsical Event and check it out!

My hair is the super cute Lisette by Truth, and as you all know I absolutely LOVE Truth hair!  Don’t forget, if you go to the Truth main store and click to join the Truth VIP Group, you will then receive a brand new hairstyle every single month!  What’s not to like about that?  So head over there now and join, you won’t regret it!   <3

My gorgeous Bray is wearing this funky Morten Blazer & Morten Slacks  which are made by ‘sharp by [ZD].  You can check these and many other amazing designs for guys at the Men Only Monthly Event which is on right now.

That is all for today, but we will be back again really soon!   Have a great day everyone!


~Bray & Tilly~


On Tilly:

On Bray:


Beach Hut:

String Lights:

Ship Wheel:

  • tarte. repurposed shipwheel (aqua)


  • !MiNT!  Seaside Lightbulb Anchor – Coming Soon!

Together. Always <3

Together Always

Hey Girls & Guys,

Here we are with some more fantastic goodies to share with you.  If you are looking for something new, or need a little inspiration, then check out what we have for you today

My gorgeous sexy Bray is wearing this awesome jacket by REBELLION, it’s full of quality and detail, and not forgetting how cool it looks!  REBELLION are a great brand and make some of the best menswear out there in the wonderful world of SL.  Go check them out today at their main store, and also at the Pretty Things Shopping District!

I am wearing this super cute dress by Hilly Haalan.  This dress is a very pretty design, and comes with a texture HUD, giving you 35 different textures to choose from.  You can’t go wrong with such a cute dress, go on, spoil yourself and buy one for the summer days 🙂

That’s all for today, we hope you enjoy today’s blog.  We will be back with you again very soon!


~Tilly & Bray~


On Tilly:

On Bray:



Spring Flowers:

  • TMG – Spring Field Flowers 2



:{PRETTY THINGS}: Show Room Event!

PrettyThings Showroom
Hey Guys & Girls!

We hope your weekend is going great so far!

My gorgeous hubby Bray and I have something really exciting to share with you!  Today we are announcing our new  :{PRETTY THINGS}: Show Room Event.  This is a monthly event, which starts on 11th July, we have 35  spaces in total, 23 of which have already gone to some of SL’s top designers.  We still have a few spaces available, so if there are any of you out there, wanting to get into an event, pop over to the Pretty Things Shopping District, and speak to Bray and I.  The main requirements are simple – you can read more and fill in the online application HERE  July 11th is a good few weeks away – we made that decision to give everyone plenty of time to create something for the event, but we advise you to come and reserve your place now, as we are quickly running out of places.  We would hate you to lose out on being part of this amazing event!  We already have amazing brands such as Hilly Haalan, 1 Hundred, Storax Tree, Lakshmi, MOoH!, Pink Ice, Sweet Evil, Rebellion, Hot Fuss, Sugah, Sinful Sky, and many many more!

Also we must make a special thank you to our amazing sponsors for this event, we appreciate your support and are amazed to have such great designers on our Show Room Team.  Our sponsors include:

★A-Wear★  –  ★A-Typical★  – ★1 Hundred★   –  ★ Hot Fuss★  –  ★ Lakshmi★  –  ★ MOoH!★  –  ★Pink Ice★   –  ★PMS★  –  ★Storax Tree★  –  ★Shae’s Designs★  – ★Shame★ –  ★Sinful Sky★

We hope to see you when the event opens on 11th July, and if you are wanting to join the event, contact either Brayden Thirdborn, or myself – Tilly Arun and we will get you set up 🙂

That’s all for now, enjoy your weekend and see you again really soon!


~Tilly & Bray~


Entrance Archway:


Flower Arch (Seen On Display Stands):

Fantasy Glowing Lights & Flowers Trees:

Field Flowers:

  • TMG – Spring Field Flowers 3

Large Pink Flowers In Water:

Sakura Petals:


Umbrella Boats:

  • LISP Umbrella Boat/Seat


Rooftop Rendezvous <3

RoofTop Rendezvous

Hey Guys & Girls!

Welcome to another blog!  Bray and I had an amazing ‘date night’ last night, and just enjoyed being together, talking, laughing and having fun.  That’s what love is all about, right? <3

Bray took this awesome picture of us, and we wanted to share it with you aswell!

We went to the Collabor88 Event and bought this amazing  Marin Lighthouse by Trompe Loeil, it looks so pretty on our land and adds so much character to our Homestead.  We love it!

There are some great designs at the Men Only Monthly event for you guys, head over there and check them out.  The E.D Rhys Jeans my gorgeous Bray is wearing in this picture are awesome, he looks amazing in them, and so will you! The MOM Event has so many ideas and styles, we are sure you will find something new and exciting!

That’s all for now guys, we will be back again very soon!  Watch this space 🙂


~Tilly & Bray~


On Tilly:

On Bray:




  • REDGRAVE:  LAKEVIEW House / Sunroom V1.0