Hey Guys & Girls,

Today we have something pretty special to share with you, and definitely a one of a kind.   This is the new Fashion Show Runway, by Abiss.

I cannot express how amazing this skybox looks, the textures, the atmosphere, and the general feel of it, all adds up to this spectacular build that is perfect for people in the fashion world, and event hosts.

The build can be resized to a smaller size, however the default size is the maximum size of 34m x 57m.  The entire build has a land impact of just 80, which is fantastic for a build with so much detail.


There are 2 texture sets, controlled by a touch controller inside backstage: one is for prior/after show with “lights” on.  The second one is for the show itself

We hope you love this as much as I do,  and make sure to head over to Abiss to check it out for yourselves.   You won’t be disappointed!

Bray and I will be back again really soon,


~Bray & Tilly~



  • Abiss: Fashion Runway Skybox


House In The Woods

House in The Wods

Hey Guys & Girls!

Today we have something rather special to share with you.  This is the amazing Roosevelt Skybox by the Schultz Bros.  Bray and I saw this on the Marketplace, and completely fell in love with it.  We simply had to have it!

This could suit a small  family in SL.  The size of the house is 16 x 18,  and has a land impact of only 27, which is great for keeping prims low!   This amazing skybox features:

*100% Baked Lighting   *Large walk in windows   *Double wide brownstone layout   *Bright, spacious & functional interior  *First floor storage closet   *2 Bedrooms Upstairs   *1 Bathroom Upstairs   *Second floor balcony overlook
*Vaulted ceiling living room with Skylight   *2 Versions (w & w/o exterior building decor)   *Functional front doors (changeable)*

We were blown away by the impressive build and quality of the textures. This could be used as a skybox up in the sky, or as you can see in the picture, as a home on the ground. The build has lots of windows which let the light in, making the home feel so light and airy.  The main living area is so spacious, and the bedrooms are a good size too! We would highly recommend you head over to the main store to check this  out and also take a look at  The Schultz Bros. other amazing builds.

Bray & I will be back with you again really soon!  Enjoy your Sunday!


~Bray & Tilly~



Hot In The City

Hot In The City


Hi Everyone!

Here we are for our second blog post today.  We found some more amazing things to share with you, and we just couldn’t wait – so without further delay, here we go!

We are really excited to be sharing this awesome new Skybox Warehouse by Studio Skye.  This skybox has a really urban feel to it, with maybe a hint of industrial style thrown in there too.  Its a very spacious build, with the main living part of the building in a L shape, so plenty of room for your living requirements.  Also what we love about it, is, if you look at the picture, and just behind us there is an enclosed outside terrace area.  This is perfect for outside furniture, as we have used it, and also we have put some of our plants and flowers in there too.  It has awesome textures and great windows in the roof that let the light pour in.  Also, on the outside of the build, there is an amazing scene add on, so from inside the build when you look out the windows, you can see what looks like realistic windows from buildings opposite.  It has a total land impact of just 22 – yes, you did read that right! 😀  This is a really awesome build, and we highly recommend going to have a peek at this inworld.  You won’t be disappointed.

Also today, I am wearing this beautiful new Sylvia Dress by AVALE, which you can find at the Tres Chic Event right now.  It comes with an amazing texture HUD, so you can mix and match the dress colour to whatever mood suits you 🙂  My shoes are by my lovely friend, Hilly Haalan.  I absolutely love these shoes,  they are so versatile and they also come with an amazing texture HUD.  Go check them out at Hilly’s main store.

My gorgeous Bray is wearing this fantastic Athletic Striped Hoodie, and Athletic Harem Joggers, both by OUTLIER.  You can grab both of these at the Men Only Monthly Event right now.  Go check them out, we think you will love them!

We have a lof of decor items in the skybox, including items from the ‘Modus’ set by CIRCA, including the fan, desk, books & coffee cup, there is also the Vibe Area Rug, also by CIRA.  Then we have the lovely Priya Sofa  by MudHoney. The other items you can see are all from Floorplan, including all the neon signs.

That is all for now, we will be back again tomorrow with more awesome designs to share with you!

Take care of each other and be safe!


~Bray & Tilly~


On Tilly:

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  • [CIRCA] – “Modus” Work Table – Wood Set 2 –
  • [CIRCA] – :VIBE: Area Rug – Chenille – Retro Interlock Charcoal