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enVOGUE Estelle

Hello Girls & Guys

Here we are, back with another blog post today, woot!   We have the really cute and stylish Estelle hair by enVOGUE.  This is such a unique hair, with the long straight fringe/bangs, and then the braids either side, it is so cute and flattering, and would suit almost every style avatar we can think of.  The enVOGUE team are great, and make fantastic hairstyles for all different tastes.  If you haven’t checked them out before,  you should go check them out today.

My gorgeous Bray is wearing some amazing items that you guys can find at  The Men’s Department.  They have a ton of ideas for guys and can give your wardrobe a new spark of fashion 🙂  We hope you like this blog post 🙂


~Tilly & Bray~


On Tilly:

On Bray:





  • MudHoney Skyler Chair – Beech Pattern



Morning Sunshine

[CIRCA] Designs

Hey Guys & Girls,

We hope you are all having a great week so far?  Bray and I have had lots of things going on,  not to mention me having some computer issues, and graphics problems.  Thankfully (and hopefully) that is all fixed now, and here we are back with another blog post for you guys!

Today we have a mix of items from the amazing [CIRCA] brand.  First of all we have the very modern and stylish Charlotte Bay Retro Set.  This is a really nice furniture set and includes:

★ Sofa Swing ★ Retro Chair ★ Coffee Table ★ Tiered Crate Shelf w/items ★ Tiered Crate Shelf (plain) ★ Modern Floor Vase ★ Sofa Table w/Birds ★

This is a really great set, and perfect for any kind of living space in your home. There are many poses to choose from and some colour options also.  You can go check these items out at the [CIRCA] main store right now 🙂

Also from [CIRCA] we have this beautiful “Forest Dream” Festival Swing.  This is a whimsical floral swing and comes with a lot of poses and comes in both long and short versions, in different colours.  It really is a gorgeous item, and it would look amazing in any garden setting especially.  You can grab one of these for yourself at the Indie Teepee event, which is on now and until the 24th July.

Lastly, we have these truly stunning Dreamer Light Art Set.  We have used the Moon & Stars,  Star Rings, Glitter Trail and Tribal Sunburst designs in our picture, and they come in different colours too.  They really are pretty and will brighten up any place you choose to put them.  They would even look cool in a child’s bedroom or a teen room too.  You can check these items out at the Indie Teepee event also 🙂

Have fun exploring and trying these items out, and have a great day!


~Bray & Tilly~


  • [CIRCA]– :VIBE: Area Rug – Chenille – Retro Interlock Charcoal


Loving Our Life Together

Loving Our Life Together

Hi Guys & Girls,

My gorgeous Bray and I are having a busy but fun weekend so far!  We hope you all have lots of nice fun stuff lined up, or even a nice quiet chilled out time.  We all need that now and then, right?

Sometimes things in life happen, and it makes you realise how lucky you are.  Bray and I have always appreciated each other, appreciated each others qualities, and never have taken each other for granted.  I love that about him.  He is always there to love and support me, and recently we have seen friends go bad times, and although we cannot physically do anything to help them, our love and best wishes are with them.  I guess we all have times, where things make us realise how lucky we are, and how much we should really appreciate each other, and tell those close to us that we love them.

Today we decided to take a blog picture at home, where we love our own space, and everything is exactly how we love it 🙂   We hope you love the style of this picture, and all of the designs we have worn or used.

My hair is the new Etienne hair by Truth.  This is a cute and stylish hair with a beautiful flower accessory included.  You can head over to the Indie Teepee Event and check it out for yourselves right now 🙂

My dress is the Angel dress by FurtaCor, which is so pretty!  I love this style, and the dress comes with a great texture change HUD so you can mix and match your style depending on your mood.

My lovely husband Bray is wearing the brand new B&G69 hair by Dura.  This is not only a unisex hairstyle that looks super sexy on Bray, but it also will look awesome on girls too!

Brays’ shirt is the Patrol Denim Shirt by L&B, he looks awesome in it, don’t you think?  We love it! 🙂

The beautiful flowers are the Centaurium erythraea by Hayabusa Design.  Hayabusa make the most amazing flowers, plants and trees.  Basically anything you might want for your landscaping needs.  Please head over there and check out their amazing range of items, they are superior quality, and we know you will love them!

That is all for today, but we hope you guys enjoy going to the events and trying out these items for yourselves.  Have a great rest of your weekend!

PS.  Don’t forget to check out our new :{Pretty Things}: Show Room Event, which starts on Monday 11th July, it’s going to be big!


~Bray & Tilly~


On Tilly:

On Bray:

Pink Flowers:




Garden Of Summer

Garden of Summer

Hello Guys & Girls!

Here we are with another fun filled blog post for you 🙂

Today we have so many items to share with you, including a beautiful design by Two Moon Gardens.  This is truly one of our favourite creations by Two Moon Gardens, the waterfall is so pretty, with a little bridge overlooking the water below, and also a cute little bench with plenty of poses where you can sit and cuddle 🙂  Also my gorgeous amazing Bray is wearing some amazing designs by 2byte,  F.A.T,  E-Clipse Design, and AK.  All of these are available at the TMD Event which is on right now.

I am wearing one of the new Truth hair styles called Etienne.  This is a very stylish hairstyle, which comes with a beautiful flower accessory.  Both the hair and the accessory have all the awesome colour HUD’s we love from Truth, so you can pick and choose your style.  I will be blogging this hair more close up in the next day or two, in time for the event it is at,  for a fuller view. In the meantime, you can always head over to the  Indie Teepee  event which starts on 8th July, and grab on for yourself 🙂

I am also wearing this awesome Teese Leather Corset by L&B, this also comes with a huge choice of colours on their texture change HUD.  It is a really pretty corset and it works well with either a skirt or pants.  I have chosen to wear it with the L&B Zipp Leather Pants.  Its a great combo!  Head over to their main store and grab them for yourselves 🙂

That is all for now,  my hubby and I will be back with you again really soon!

Oh, and just to mention, our brand new :{Pretty Things}: Show Room Event opens on this Monday, 11th July.  We have some AMAZING designers with their newest and exclusive items – only available at our event!  Such designers as MOoH!, Hilly Hallan, 1 Hundred, Rebellion, Pink Ice, Storax Tree, Hot Fuss, .::WoW::. Skins, Lakshmi and many many more!  The event will open its doors for the first time, so be one of the first to walk through and treat yourselves to some exclusive items, that you won’t find anywhere else!   We look forward to seeing you on Monday, 11th July 🙂

Be well, stay safe!


~Tilly & Bray~


On Tilly:

On Bray:


Garden & Waterfall:


Aphrodite – Canada Day Party Set

Aphrodite - Canada Day Party Set

Hey Guys & Girls!

As a follow up to yesterdays blog with the awesome Independence Day Set, Aphrodite have released this equally as amazing Canada Day Party Set, for all of our Canadian friends out there 🙂

As you can see, this is a super cute set, which comes with a party table, balloons, beer party bucket, cookies, tartelettes, food warmer with pizza and burgers, beer bucket, flag cake, ice cream soda and sweet little Canadian flag plates to eat all this lovely food from!

This really is a fantastic set, and just in time for your Canada Day parties!  You can go check this item out at the Aphrodite Main Store.

Also in this blog, you can see these cute patio chairs by [CIRCA], which look great and very appropriate for any outdoor party or celebration.

These gorgeous Spring Cherry Trees are also by Aphrodite, and come in various colours including light pink, dark pink, pink and white.  We love them!

My lovely Bray and I will be back with you again very soon!  Have fun and be safe!


~Bray & Tilly~


Canada Day Set:

Patio Chairs:

  • [CIRCA]: [CIRCA] – “KAIU COAST” Patio Chair  (Part of the KAIU COAST Set)

Spring Cherry Trees: