Fortune & Love

Fortune & Love

Hey Guys & Girls,

How’s it going for everyone today?  Things are going well for Bray and I, we have been super busy as always, but loving every minute together!

Today we have some amazing new goodies for you, including the new items from [CIRCA], The Sugar Garden, and Rebellion, to name but a few!

I wanted to talk to you about the new [CIRCA] items, and how fun they are, especially the “Look Beyond” set, which consists of an entire fortune telling set, including the table and chairs, crystal ball – with particle effect when you touch it, skull candle, tarot cards, books, geode and money bag.  This really is an awesome set, and looks amazing!  Don’t forget, Halloween is just around the corner, so this might be the perfect set to decorate your home, store, or event with!  You can find this fantastic set at the [CIRCA] main store and is the Twisted Hunt Prize, and it is also a store group gift for [CIRCA] members.  Secondly we have the Juniper Ridge Picture Ladder Set, which looks just beautiful, and you can customise it with your own pictures.


We hope you love this blog post, and get the chance to go check out these amazing items for yourselves.  As you can see, our little friend Geoffrey The Giraffe popped in for another picture with us, and he told us to say hi to you all on his bahalf. 😛   Have fun, be safe, and we will see you again next time!


~Bray & Tilly~


On Tilly:

On Bray:

Fortune Telling Set

  • [CIRCA]  “Look Beyond” Fortune Telling Set
  • [CIRCA] Juniper Ridge Picture Ladder Set


  •  [CIRCA] – :VIBE: Area Rug – Chenille


Comfy Chair:

Geoffrey The Giraffe: