[ba] Malibu Beach House @ Collabor88

BA Malibu Beach House
Hey Guys & Girls!

Yeah… another blog post today!  We just HAD to bring you this fantastic new build by Barnesworth Anubis.  This is the adorable Malibu Beach House.  Not only does this build look amazing, but it’s a great size at 20×24 and has a land impact of just 63.  It is copy, mod, no transfer and you can go check out the demo at the Collabor88 event right now!

See you all again really soon!


~Bray & Tilly~



  • [ba] Barnesworth Anubis – Malibu Beach House (@Collabor88)



Barnesworth Anubis & Aphrodite

[ba] treme rowhouse

Christmas Morning

Hey Guys & Girls!

Today we have a super bumper edition of our blog,  as we have so much to share with you!

As you can see, we are featuring the brand new Barnesworth Anubis mesh home, called  Treme Rowhouse.  We have taken a picture from the outside, and also from the inside, to give you a better visual of the house in full.  This is  a truly beautiful home, and has all the great style and textures you come to expect from Barnesworth Anubis.   The house has a  15 x 30 footprint.   It has a Land Impact of just 65 and comes mod, copy, no transfer.   You can go check it out for yourselves at the Collabor88 Event right now, where it is for sale for just 88 Lindens!   This is such a bargain, and we know you will love it!

Also, we have decorated the inside of the house, and it is now all ready for Christmas with these beautiful designs by Aphrodite.  The Luxury Regency Christmas Tree is simply amazing and really gives that special Christmas feel to any home.  The Sparkling Holidays Living Room Set is also very high quality and will make any home feel decadent this Christmas time.  You should go check both these items out at the Aphrodite main store.

Our hanging baskets and all flowers are from the amazing Mesh Plants, and you can find lots of there awesome landscaping and flowers and plants at their main store.

That is all for today folks, but my gorgeous Bray and I will be back again very soon!


~Bray & Tilly~




Living Room Set:

  • Aphrodite: Heart Homes “Sparkling Holidays” Livingroom Set -PG- (Box)

Christmas Tree:

  • Aphrodite:  Heart Homes “Luxury Regency” Christmas tree FAMILY (Copy,Boxed)


  • Aphrodite Merry Christmas Santa Claus with song, talk & cocoa


Flowers & Plants:

  • Mesh Plants:  Hydrangea Bush, Hibiscus Plants & Hanging Plants

Brook Hill Living – The Tisburry Set

Brook Hill Living - The TISBURRY Set

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to another blog from us, and also thank goodness it’s Friday!  Hurray! 😀

Today we have a special blog for you, as Brook Hill Living have created a new living room set of furniture, and we wanted to share that with you.

This set consists of some great designs, including Armhairs,  A Rug, Side Table, Decorative Box, and a beautiful Lamp too.  If you are new to Brook Hill Living, we recommend you go over to their main store and check them out.  They have some truly beautiful designs, and they have something to suit everyone!

We will be back again very soon, stay safe!


~Bray & Tilly~






  • LAQ Decor ~ Curtains Set1


The Road Home

The Road Home

There is never a day that goes by that I ever take a different road. The road home is the only way that I can ever see is the greatest drive of my life.  To the soft warm welcomes of an amazing wife and partner in my Tilly, to the fun and laughter that echoes and bounces of each wall of our amazing home we built together.

I often speak of my love for my wife, not to boast or brag, but to share with everyone that love does exist, and it happens whether you look for it or not, you see that saying that says “Love happens when you are not looking” is somewhat true yet false in a sense if you take it for the literally meaning as many do. You have to look for someone, to find them, to learn about them, and to see if they could be that someone that you could love. It is then where the saying comes into play that “Love happens when you are not looking” cause one day it just hits you that you love that person.

So never stop looking, never stop wanting, and never stop believing that love is out there, as it is and you can find it right when you need it most.

Thank you my lovely beautiful partner, best friend, wife, lover, and everything in between Tilly.  I love you beyond the words written, the words spoken, and the hymns song on a beautiful Sunday morning drive home.

Don’t forget to go take a look at the amazing items we have in our :{Pretty Things}: Showroom Event, which opened just yesterday.  There are some fantastic exclusive items by some of SL’s top designers, so don’t miss out as you wont get these anywhere else.  Head over there today!

~Bray & TIlly~


On Tilly:

On Bray:



  • TMG – Spring Field Flowers 4

Morning Sunshine

[CIRCA] Designs

Hey Guys & Girls,

We hope you are all having a great week so far?  Bray and I have had lots of things going on,  not to mention me having some computer issues, and graphics problems.  Thankfully (and hopefully) that is all fixed now, and here we are back with another blog post for you guys!

Today we have a mix of items from the amazing [CIRCA] brand.  First of all we have the very modern and stylish Charlotte Bay Retro Set.  This is a really nice furniture set and includes:

★ Sofa Swing ★ Retro Chair ★ Coffee Table ★ Tiered Crate Shelf w/items ★ Tiered Crate Shelf (plain) ★ Modern Floor Vase ★ Sofa Table w/Birds ★

This is a really great set, and perfect for any kind of living space in your home. There are many poses to choose from and some colour options also.  You can go check these items out at the [CIRCA] main store right now 🙂

Also from [CIRCA] we have this beautiful “Forest Dream” Festival Swing.  This is a whimsical floral swing and comes with a lot of poses and comes in both long and short versions, in different colours.  It really is a gorgeous item, and it would look amazing in any garden setting especially.  You can grab one of these for yourself at the Indie Teepee event, which is on now and until the 24th July.

Lastly, we have these truly stunning Dreamer Light Art Set.  We have used the Moon & Stars,  Star Rings, Glitter Trail and Tribal Sunburst designs in our picture, and they come in different colours too.  They really are pretty and will brighten up any place you choose to put them.  They would even look cool in a child’s bedroom or a teen room too.  You can check these items out at the Indie Teepee event also 🙂

Have fun exploring and trying these items out, and have a great day!


~Bray & Tilly~


  • [CIRCA]– :VIBE: Area Rug – Chenille – Retro Interlock Charcoal