Morning Joe

Morning Joe

Hi Everyone,

We were just strolling along a nice little beach and happened to come up to this amazing new Coffee Shop.  This shop is by Schutlz Bros and is part of this round’s Arcade.  A Perfect fit for any and all,  and the detail is truly amazing.  We hope you enjoy the pic and post.

~Tilly and Bray~


01. Drive Thru Building – RARE (31 LI).
Snow on roof is removeable, or able to make transparent.

02. Cigarette Pot (2 LI)

03. Employees Only (1 LI)

04. Cuppa Joe to-go Sign (x2) (1 LI each)
Two signs are included, and are meant to be placed on both the
front & back of the building under the roof.

05. Patio Table (1 LI)

06. Patio Chair (x2) (1 LI each)
Two are included. 5 animations for each seat.

07. Barista Babes Sign (x2) ( 2 LI each)
Two are included, meant to be placed under the front & back
of the building under the roof.

08. Patio Brella (4 LI)
Features texture change on Logos. Click & Hold 3+ seconds
on logo for menu. (Barista Babes or Cuppa Joe to go)
(You may also put your own texture, use edit – select face, then change)
Oh! It has proper physics. So if it gives you issues, turn it on phantom. 🙂

09. Damnit Ellie! (1 LI )

10. Arch Lights (x3) (3-4 LI each)
Included are 2 large arches and 1 small arch piece.
2 For the large arches and 1 for the same archway.

11. Side Lights (x4)
Included are 2 long and 2 short pieces, along the sides.

12. Syrups Table (1 LI)
Also makes a great table for espresso machines….

13. Syrup Pack 1 (1 LI)

14. Syrup Pack 2 (1 LI)

15. Syrup Pack 3 (2 LI)
Would be 1 land impact, but that damn glitter!

16. Drive Thru Register (2 LI)

17. Drive Thru Menu ( 1 LI)

18. Barista 5000 – RARE (2 LI)
Has room for up to 7 photos of you & your friends.
Included are a few photos of my RL huskies,
I won’t be mad if you replace them i swear 🙂
Gives a hot latte when clicked.
**** IF you have issues transfering this item, make sure you
didn’t accidentally put no transfer photos in the slots**** <——

19. Coffee Warmer (2 LI)
Puts off steam. If the steam drives you batty,
It does have a touch on / off function.
Just hunt down the tiny invisible prim in the pot & click.
Also gives out a hot coffee when clicked.

20. Tip Jar (1 LI)
Front texture phrase is replaceable is desired

Feeling Foxy?

Feeling Foxy?

Hey Everyone!

So today we have something pretty cool to blog for you.  Not only am I wearing awesome clothes – which are available at The Men’s Department & the Men Only Monthly events.  Also have this awesome Fox gacha set, which is available at the Candy Crunchers main store, we think they are adorable!

We hope you enjoy today’s blog post, and we will be back with you again really soon with more fantastic goodies!

See you soon!

Bray & Tilly


On Bray:

  • Hair:  Vango. Joe (@MOM)
  • Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Justin
  • Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes – Coffee
  • Glasses:   {Steinwerk} – Shiny Nerd Glasses
  • Body: [Signature] Gianni
  • Shape: ..::SAMURAI HQ::.. Cesar Shape
  • Tattoo: DAPPA – Bison Tattoo. (@MOM)
  • Skin: L’Etre Skin Shop – Ian Skin [Golden Tone]
  • Shirt:   BlankLIne  V-NeckT (@TMD)
  • Shorts:   BlankLine Twill Shorts  (@TMD)
  • Shoes:  OHeMO – Joel sneakers  (@MOM)

Fox Items: