Smashing Pumpkins

Smashing Pumpkins

Hi Everyone!

It’s that time again to “Disarm you with a smile”! Ok Ok I do not think that we had that song in mind when we chose this picture but heck it sure did fit well.  We hope you are all preparing for the fall season. The harvest, the pumpkins, the trick or treaters, and just the fresh crisp air and feelings of impending winter.

We wanted to show you some cute and amazing new items that have come out lately for both the boys and the girls.

I am wearing a mix up of items that come to you from this round of Men Only Monthly.  This event is gaining so much traction with amazing designers and this round is surely not disappointing.  N-Uno rocked this new outfit and it just went so well with the feeling of the picture.

My beautiful and sexy wife is wearing this edgy T-Shirt dress from Delirium Style.  Rawr! is the only statement I can make here at the moment.

We hope you enjoy the style and look forward to posting again soon.

~Tilly & Bray~


On Bray:

On Tilly:

Halloween Party Table & Balloons:


  • Aphrodite Fall “cozy shelter” older pumpkins (@Tres Chic)

Baseball Bats:

  • [BUC] Bonds Baseball Bat

Forever <3 You & Me

Forever <3 You & Me

Hey Guys & Girls!

Welcome to Tuesday 🙂  We have some amazing new items to share with you today, and we hope you love them as much as we do!

We have had a few of you message us personally, telling us how much you love our blog, and we always love to hear that, so thank you very much, its always great to have our hard work appreciated!   Also, a few of you have reached out to us telling us how much you love our romance, and our love story.  Bray and I met 15 months ago, and we have had the best relationship anyone could ever dream of having, we are so much in love.  He is honestly, my soulmate and I can’t imagine a day of life without him. We wanted to tell you all, we really appreciate your kind words.  Thank you so much from both of us, it means a lot to us. *Hugs*  <3

Bray is wearing this awesome shirt and pants by OUTLIER – they look awesome on him, and you guys can go grab these items at the Men Only Monthly event, right now. His hair is by Dura, and this is my ultimate favourite hairstyle on my gorgeous husband <3   Thank you Chiaki 🙂

I am wearing this cute Coco hair by Truth, I love the little bows and buns, its the epitome of cute!  Perfect for any other babygirls out there like me!

My outfit is by Eyelure, and is also very cute with this amazing shorts, I love them!  The lace legwarmers are by =Zenith= and are also super cute!  You can go get them now at the Tres Chic event.

Have fun and go check out these awesome designs, and we will be back with you again very soon!


~Bray & Tilly~


On Tilly:

On Bray:




Elfin Forest Village:


  • TMG – Spring Field Flowers 4