The Beach is my Muse

The Beach is my Muse

Heya Everyone!!!

I hope you all are enjoying the start of fall as me march into the winter months here in the states that is.  I wanted to grab a quick snap shot of the me on the beach before its time to dress up like a eskimo.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating the look with some amazing fashions from Furtacor’s men’s line.  Enjoy and Tilly and I will be back soon.

Brayden and Tilly.

On Brayden:

A Get Away Kinda Day

A Get Away Kind of Day

Hello again everyone! Back to share with you some amazing new things that are out there today.  I felt after my post yesterday I would kinda just do a get away. A chance to focus, meditate, and refresh my mind.  As the world continues to spiral inside SL it always reminds me that I care so much about the quality of our work.  At times we tend to focus on the couple’s aspect, sharing a relationship and blog with my love is something I take much pride in.  The responses that some people give are “You’re not the male centerpiece, or you focus to much on a background, or you’re wife is the star, well to be honest she is always my shooting star, but I digress for a moment.  The focus is on the “BRANDED ITEMS” not the avatar.  If it clothes, then we tend to put much focus there, if it is backdrop, then that is where the focus goes.  The avatar is the model, not the intended focal point unless need be.  What I find disturbing is places will hire a blogger manager that has never ran a blog in their life. Now I find that to be quite comical as how the heck do you know what you are dealing with in a blogger’s perspective.  When I started to blog it was never about the free items, heck it still isn’t, what I have and always will do is try my hardest to bring attention and awareness to the items that I, Tilly or together want to promote. That is what Blogging is. BRING AWARENESS to the items. It’s not a popularity contest, it is about promoting the brand and showcasing their creativity.

I tend to harp on this, as over the past year I have noticed a shifted focus on “CLIQUE” like creators and promoters. This should never be the case. But how does one convey that to the masses. It is not as easy as it seems, but I will continue to “USE MY VOICE” to speak up.  #BLOGFORCREATIVITY not #BLOGCAUSEIGETFREEITEMS or #CLIQUEBLOGSOFSL.

So sorry I went off there.  Anyways, to focus now upon the amazing items that are out there.  This amazing backdrop by Paparazzi was something we had to have. It is amazing and well designed and can create so many focal opportunities in a blog and background.

Tilly is wearing the new outfit out from L&B at The Epiphany event.  Take a drop on by and check out the amazing outfit for yourself.  You are sure to not be disappointed..

As for myself, I’m wearing some amazing item’s that are out right now at The Men’s Department.  With the “Creative” minds from Parker and Sabotage, I have created this new style for all you men to enjoy. We hope you like the style and look.

Till next time.

~Bray and Tilly~

On Bray:

  • Hair: DOUX – Gentleman Hairstyle
  • Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Justin
  • Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes – Coffee
  • Glasses:   {Steinwerk} – Shiny Nerd Glasses
  • Body: [Signature] Gianni
  • Shape: ..::SAMURAI HQ::.. Cesar Shape
  • Skin: L’Etre Skin Shop – Ian Skin [Golden Tone]
  • Jacket: :PARKER: ADRIEN Jacket  (@TMD)
  • Pants: ..S..: Raw Cut Denim – Black  (@TMD)
  • Boots: [R3] – Meir Boots

On Tilly:

  • Hair:  Truth – Scout
  • Mesh Head: CATWA – Lona
  • Eyes: IKON Sunrise – Deep Violet
  • Eyelashes: [okkbye] Fluttering Falsies (CATWA)
  • Skin: .:[PUMEC] :.   RINA  / April \ – SKIN (Catwa)
  • Shape: Tilly’s Own Shape
  • Mesh Body: Maitreya – Lara
  • Outfit: Wicked Lara Collection (RARE) – The Epiphany Event

Back Drop:


Relaxed Hearts

Relaxed Hearts

Hi Everyone!

Tilly and I had some free time and thought what a better way to use that time then to really showcase not only some new clothes that have hit the grid for everyone, but also some amazing new furniture, outside decor, and full perm items that you yourself could use to create your own special unique vision with.

Tilly is is wearing this amazing new EyeLure that really accentuates her amazing shape, sorry I could not resist my love, but ladies or gents you need to this amazing dress.  Also Tilly is blogging another amazing hair from TRUTH.  Never does the amazement stop with his hair.

Bray is wearing a new full outfit from flow. that he snagged while shopping this months Men Only Monthly.  Gentleman or ladies as well drag your man and take him out for some male focused event shopping.

The latest release from Aphrodite is amazing. The Hot Spring thermal bath has 124 working animations, a working faucet, 2 bath fillings, and a menu controlled fire.  Amazing design and texturing is truly one of the many great features of this item as well and only has a 17LI. WOW!! You can find your copy at The Tres Chic event.

Also this amazing FULL PERM Gazebo comes from UR Mesh.  Such fantasic amount of detail is provided with this and you can make it however you want.  This gazebo consists of 100% custom-made mesh and baked textures. This product has not been made from any outside templates and cannot be found elsewhere it carries only 12.7 LI so it saves you the prims to decorate all around and in it. Truly can’t beat something of this caliber for all its benefits.

The lil heart planters are from Pretty Things and you can find them on the Pretty Things District.  Not only do they say decor, but they have been pushing out new releases in a flurry.  Stop by their store on the district ladies, there is something for you there you will enjoy to wear.

Until next post.

Tilly and Bray

On Tilly:

On Bray:



Walk of Love

Walk of Love


Hello everyone. I hope you all are enjoying your week and even more so enjoying your Hump Day. I decided to take my amazing and beautiful wife for a walk, something to clear our heads and walk out any things that upset us over the course of the week.  Love is a walk, a journey, it is never about the destination. The destination is fluid, it is ever changing, it is evolving.  Everything is about making things the best they can be.

This also applies to fashion, it changes, it evolves, it too is fluid and that is why we love to show each and everyone of you that.  We did go shopping as usual and picked up some amazing items.  My beautiful mint is sporting some sexy skirt from R3VOLT and well I am rocking a nice coat from Diram that you can snag over a this months Men Only Monthly.

Fashion and Love are almost the same you have to love fashion and and you have to love the one you are with.  Month’s ago I found not only the love of my life, but the the rebirth of  my love for sharing fashion with a fashionably sexy partner.

We hope you are as blessed as we are to find both, and in the future remember that looking goo is always as good as looking good with an amazing partner.

~Bray ~N~ Tilly~

On Bray:


On Tilly:

  • Hair: TRUTH HAIR Sukie –  light blondes
  • Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
  • Skin:  [hush] Amber2 – Latte
  • Shirt: Eyelure FITMESH TieBack Top – Carnation
  • Skirt: [R3] – Heather Skirt [V3]
  • Shoes: [hh] Cameo Booties BIG PACK 15 Textures v1
  • Necklace: L&B  “Pear Drop” Necklace



  • Pose: PURPLE POSES – Couple 350
  • Trees: HPMD* Garden Tree08 with Lights – green a
  • Pathway: HPMD* Dirt Road – light brown
  • Lights: Botanical – Decorative Light Set – Flat Scattered 8x8m


Stairway To Love…

Stairway to Love


Hi Guys & Girls!  Welcome to another blog, and today we thought we would base our blog around the subject of love. Together we have a huge love of fashion, and we hope we show you examples of this everyday in our blogs.  Also you may have noticed that Bray and I are crazy in love with each other….  yes I know that sounds lame, but its true! 🙂

Love isn’t something you find, it finds you.  Love is a friendship that has caught fire and develops into something else completely. Love is understanding, and sharing through good times and bad times.  In its true form, it settles for less than perfection, yet you see that person as perfect.  Perfect in their own right, and perfect for you.  The best thing to hold onto in life, is each other.  I know Bray and I intend to hold onto each other for a very long time.   Enjoy the one you love, make the most of every moment.  Never regret and live life to the full.

See you all next time, have fun!


~Tilly & Bray~


On Tilly:

  • Hair:  TRUTH   Misty – variety
  • Glam Affair – Angelica – America 01
  • Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
  • Dress: [R3] – Natalie Dress [V1]
  • Shoes: {ViSion} -S&F *Heels* Mesh Body Addicts Fair
  • Necklace:L&B  “Pear Drop” Necklace with HUD

On Bray: