Morning Joe

Morning Joe

Hi Everyone,

We were just strolling along a nice little beach and happened to come up to this amazing new Coffee Shop.  This shop is by Schutlz Bros and is part of this round’s Arcade.  A Perfect fit for any and all,  and the detail is truly amazing.  We hope you enjoy the pic and post.

~Tilly and Bray~


01. Drive Thru Building – RARE (31 LI).
Snow on roof is removeable, or able to make transparent.

02. Cigarette Pot (2 LI)

03. Employees Only (1 LI)

04. Cuppa Joe to-go Sign (x2) (1 LI each)
Two signs are included, and are meant to be placed on both the
front & back of the building under the roof.

05. Patio Table (1 LI)

06. Patio Chair (x2) (1 LI each)
Two are included. 5 animations for each seat.

07. Barista Babes Sign (x2) ( 2 LI each)
Two are included, meant to be placed under the front & back
of the building under the roof.

08. Patio Brella (4 LI)
Features texture change on Logos. Click & Hold 3+ seconds
on logo for menu. (Barista Babes or Cuppa Joe to go)
(You may also put your own texture, use edit – select face, then change)
Oh! It has proper physics. So if it gives you issues, turn it on phantom. 🙂

09. Damnit Ellie! (1 LI )

10. Arch Lights (x3) (3-4 LI each)
Included are 2 large arches and 1 small arch piece.
2 For the large arches and 1 for the same archway.

11. Side Lights (x4)
Included are 2 long and 2 short pieces, along the sides.

12. Syrups Table (1 LI)
Also makes a great table for espresso machines….

13. Syrup Pack 1 (1 LI)

14. Syrup Pack 2 (1 LI)

15. Syrup Pack 3 (2 LI)
Would be 1 land impact, but that damn glitter!

16. Drive Thru Register (2 LI)

17. Drive Thru Menu ( 1 LI)

18. Barista 5000 – RARE (2 LI)
Has room for up to 7 photos of you & your friends.
Included are a few photos of my RL huskies,
I won’t be mad if you replace them i swear 🙂
Gives a hot latte when clicked.
**** IF you have issues transfering this item, make sure you
didn’t accidentally put no transfer photos in the slots**** <——

19. Coffee Warmer (2 LI)
Puts off steam. If the steam drives you batty,
It does have a touch on / off function.
Just hunt down the tiny invisible prim in the pot & click.
Also gives out a hot coffee when clicked.

20. Tip Jar (1 LI)
Front texture phrase is replaceable is desired