Nothing Like Easter Morning

Nothing Like Easter Morning

Hi Everyone!

Happy Easter.  What a treat this morning has been being able to celebrate not only Easter but a morning with my Lil Mint!  Tilly has been such a constant in my life and has truly been a blessing.  Many of you know that Tilly has been having to deal with the loss of her father and times have been so tough for the both of us having to process this tragic loss. But with Tragedy there come’s a healing.  A healing of the soul, the mind, and even the body.

Tilly and I have found a new found renewal of the love that brought us together.  We spent several days apart, days that my lil girl was not able to come in to world or even speak.  The longing for time grew and grew and every day I have to admit I missed her more and more.  But now things are coming around and we had this amazing talk and through all of this one thing remained clear that the love we have, the trials we have endured, and the space between us was not even close to measuring up to the love that keeps us together.

Today we experience a resurrection of that love, a renewed balance, and a stronger commitment to ourselves and each other.  Lil girl I love you beyond the sun rises, adore you beyond the sunsets, and there are not enough stars to wish upon as every wish is the same, to be your’s forever.

We wanted to take this time and share with you a new style and backdrop that we know you are all sure to love. We hope you enjoy it as much as us.

~Tilly and Bray~

On Bray:

  • Hair: *Dura*B75-DARK (@TMD)
  • Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Justin
  • Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes – Coffee
  • Body: [Signature] Gianni
  • Shape: ..::SAMURAI HQ::.. Cesar Shape
  • Skin: L’Etre Skin Shop – Ian Skin [Golden Tone]
  • Jacket: L&B *  GIANNIfit*  Swear Blazer with T-shirt
  • Patnts: …Scars…  Layered Pants M [Chic Gray]
  • Boots: Lenox Protege Boot Dust
  • Tattoo: *Bolson / Tattoo – WOW (Worn)


On Tilly:


  • TMG – Angel Pond – with built in Animations Video Link:

Happy Hall-O-We Love Each Other

Happy Hall O We Love Each Other

Hello Guys & Girls!

We hope you are having a great weekend, and enjoying time with family and friends, or just chilling out by yourself 🙂

Today we have brought to you some awesome new items out there on the Second Life grid.  Firstly we have this amazing gatcha top and skirt from Le Fil Casse, which comes in a wide range of colours to suit everyone.  Then we have Brays ultra cool pants from Ascend and his very hip sneakers from L&B.

Also we have this very cute and gothic vanity table from Dyer Maker.  It comes with 7 animations, includes props and is completely made from mesh, so has a land impact of only 10.  Its a great quality item and is available at the Pastel Goth Fair until October 30th.

Hope you can go check out these items for yourselves.  See you again soon!


~Tilly & Bray~


On Tilly:

On Bray:



Game Of Love

Game of Love


To some love is a game, or maybe a battlefield, or maybe it is just a feeling of pure emotion.  We felt that we wanted to take the game and emotion and style it up a bit and make it all as one.

Love is comprised of so many things, from fun and laughter, to serious and emotional, and there is not a single person for the both of us that we would ever wish to create these things with then each other.

We do hope you enjoy the silly yet emotional side of this post and can see it in the style and reflection of the picture.

~Bray and Tilly~

On Bray:


On Tilly:



You Had Me At ‘Lo

You Had Me At 'Lo


Hello everyone.  How cheesy is it to say the words “You Had Me At Hello!”?

But there could not be anymore truth in that statement.  Meeting ourselves and then proceeding to develop something as amazing as we both have found it to be, has inspired us in so many different ways. To become better versions of our alternate selves here in SL as well as becoming the best versions of who we are in our daily lives.

The feelings that we share, are one’s that we feel that everyone should share in a loving relationship, and what better way then to capture the mere essence of them as one would do with a camera.

We hope you not only enjoy these moments, but the style that is placed behind them.

~Bray and Tilly ~

On Bray:


On Tilly: