Brook Hill Living – The Saint Germain Set

BHL - The Saint Germain Set @ Shiny Shabby

Hi Everyone!

Here we are again with out 3rd blog post today – can’t you tell how much we love to blog for you guys?!  😀

This is the new Saint Germain Set by the awesome team over at Brook Hill Living.   This is a really cute and inspired living room set, which will look great in almost any home setting.  You can go check this out for yourselves at the Shiny Shabby Event right now!


~Bray & Tilly~


[CIRCA] New Releases!


Hey Guys & Girls!

Here we are back again with another exciting blog post to share with you.

Our [CIRCA] friends have been busy working away, to bring us these two amazing sets, and we have to say, we absolutely love them!

The first collection is the Cosmic Life Meditation set.  This is a new prize in store as part of The High Life Hunt.  It’s a nice small cosmic meditation set to explore your spiritual side, which includes meditation floor cushions, and Ying Yang shelves.

Next we have  the new club sets with lots of seats and matching tables to choose from, which come in vibrant neon colours. The seats come with 32 male & female lounge sits. The table sets come with a nice martini giver set that offers your guests a drink which can be used with the drink animations in the chairs. Perfect for club or entertainment spaces.  This is an amazing set as well, and if you are thinking of opening a club, or if you already have a club but want a fresh new and exciting look, then this is the set for you!  During the event, these items are exclusive and have a discounted price of 100L each or  less.  Go check it out for yourselves at the GENRE event, which runs from November 15th – December 12th.

That is all for today, but we hope you love all these fantastic new styles.


~Bray & Tilly~







[ba] Loire Chateau

[ba] loire chateau


Hey Guys & Girls!

Today we are excited to introduce the brand new Loire Chateau by Barnesworth Anubis.  We all know and love the designs and ideas created by Barnesworth, and this house is no exception!   It is a beautifully grand design, full of french style and with a cute hidden attic room.  There are so many rooms, but each room is open, and spacious enough for a big family!

The house has a land impact of 269.  The size is approximately 25×33 and comes with mod and copy permissions.  There is also a working fireplace, and privacy windows and locking doors.  This really is a beautiful home and we love it!   Go check it out now at the Collabor88 Event!

Also we have the amazing Mesh Plants, who kindly gave us their beautiful plants and Wall Ruins as part of this blog post.  They really do create the most stunning designs, and if you are thinking of getting some more plants or flowers in your garden, or would like to landscape a little more,  make sure to check out Mesh Plants.  Not only do they make things with the highest of quality, but they are also very reasonably priced, unlike a lot of other landscaping stores.  We love them!

That is all for today, we will be back again very soon.  Take care and be safe!


~Bray & Tilly~


Mesh Home:

Flowers & Decor:

  • Mesh Plants: Hibiscous Plants, Hanging Plants, Hydrangea Plants and Wall Ruins.

Full Perm Sports Car

Meli Sports Car Pic

Hey Guys & Girls!

Here we have an amazing mesh sports car for you, by Meli Imako.  Not only is it a great looking car, full of detail and really high quality, but it is also full perm!  Perfect for any of you who are into design and creating.

This really is an awesome car, and is a great find for anyone interested in cars, or wanting to take this design and put your own textures and ideas onto it.  It is a fully scripted and animated for 2 people.

The package contains:
– Full Perm Mesh Retro Car (scripted)
– Full Perm Scripts
– Full Perm Poses (driver and passenger)
– Textures
– Normals Nap
– Specular Map
– UV Map
– Shadow Map

We think you will love it, and you should go check it out!  It is only 99L on the Marketplace store right now, don’t miss it!

Bray and I will be back with you again really soon.


~Bray & TIlly~


Sports Car

Home Comforts

Home Comforts

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all enjoying this start to the fall countdown.  I know we are.  Soon the leaves will fall, the colors will change, and we will all start to enjoy the cool crisp air that ushers in the change of seasons.

This weather and time of year is something I love and Tilly loves the weather just not the colors sometimes.  But it’s ok It gives me so many more excuses to cuddle with her.

We wanted to showcase a few new items that have recently come out on the grid and we hope you like them so here they are.

~Bray & TIlly~

On Tilly:

On Bray:



Pink Flowers:

Hydrangea Bush