The Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz

Hey Guys & Girls!

We hope your  Monday is off to a great start!  If you are short of ideas for your SL wardrobe or if you are looking for some new fun items, then look no further, we have some amazing things to share with you today!

I’m excited to be sharing with you the Satyra hair by Truth.  This is a really cute hair, which comes with two long braids down the back of the hair,  its really very cute and comes with or without bangs.  I am wearing the version with bangs in this picture.  I am sure you will love this hair as much as I do.  Head over to the Truth main store and check it out for yourselves.

I am wearing this beautiful new dress by AVALE, and pretty shoes by Hilly Haalan.  My darling Bray is wearing this awesome new untucked Santa Cruz tshirt by L&B.

Also we have this amazing Wizard of Oz Party Set by Aphrodite – personally I love anything to do with the Wizard of Oz, and it was one of my favourite movies when i was a child.  So this set is just perfect for me!  Also we have the Wizard of Oz toys, there are a lot more in the set, but these are just a selection we could fit into the picture.  You can grab the set at the Enchanted Event.

We hope you love this blog,  have fun, take care and be safe.


~Bray & TIlly~


On Tilly:

On Bray:

Wizard of Oz Set:


Tilly’s Pose:

[Shi.S.] Pose Collection #5 ~ Daisy included

Home is where the Heart is

Home is where the Heart is

Hi Everyone!!!

Tilly and I wanted to show you one of the most amazing designs that have recently came out.  They say that home is where you hang your hat, where you heart is, and where dreams are always realized.  Tilly and I realized our dream and in that we created so many different facets to our blogging, our district, our monthly event’s, and our clothing line.  But with that all said we needed that place to “Call Home” and to do so we needed that perfect home.

We found that perfect home finally and it comes courtesy of Brook Hill Living.  This new home called ChilMark.

The Chilmark House is a two floor wooden building. When designing the house, the design team had the idea to make a spacious home with an easy distribution of the rooms. The team had the following room plan in mind when drawing the blueprint;

First floor
• main entrance, hallway, kitchen and dining area with a separate kitchen entrance, laundry room, living room and one outdoor porch.
Second floor
• two large bedrooms with connecting bathrooms, a smaller bedroom or office, an entertainment area and two outdoor porches.

You can of course use the rooms differently.

  • Facts
    Maximum height 18,5 meters / 60’ 8.34 in
    Maximum width 35,3 meters / 115’ 9.76 in
    Maximum depth 27 meters / 88’ 6.99 in
    Land impact 362

LOD optimized
Materials enabled

The building is 100% mesh and they have used their best technology to put this building together. The elements used are light weight, but do not collapse seen from a distance. They also made the house modifiable, so you can change the colors or/and the textures and still keep the shadows.

There are just a few of the amazing facts about this home.

We also captured the boat house for you.  The Chilmark Boat House is a two floor wooden building which is made in the same theme and style as the Chilmark House. Surrounded by a on a small deck the ground floor offers space for a mid sized motor boat. The upper floor includes an open space concept room and two porches.

Maximum height 10,6 meters / 34’ 9.32 in
Maximum width 13 meters / 42’ 7.81 in
Maximum length 16 meters / 52’ 5.92 in
Land impact 84

LOD optimized
Materials enabled

Both of these homes and or additions are a must and it has finally made things so comfy and cozy in our lovely and beautiful home. We hope your enjoy the items and blog post and stay tuned for some more amazing items headed your way.

Tilly and Bray

  • House: Brook Hill Living – Chilmark House 1.2.1
  • Boat House: Brook Hill Living – The Chilmark Boat House 1.0


I Love You!

I Love You!

Hello lovely guys & girls!

We hope your weeekend is going great and you are having some time to chill out and have some fun?

My gorgeous Bray and I are online together, and busy doing different things with regards to our Pretty Things Shopping District.  We are proud to say all of our stores are taken by great designers, including 1 Hundred, REBELLION, Pink Cherry, StoraxTree, Samurai, MOoH! and many more!  It’s an amazing place to come shop, as we have such a huge diversity of styles and creations.  It is also a great place to cover all of your shopping needs in just one place.  When you have that need to treat yourself to something special, head over to us, and see what goodies you can find 🙂  Also, we have our awesome GatchAmazin Event, with even more great things to treat yourselves to, at really affordable prices.

Today we have this really pretty couples pose, by Signature Pose.  This is one of our favourite poses, and it comes with the little banner too.  Perfect for any of you looking for a couples pose with a little extra special touch.

Bray is wearing this really cool jacket by Sabotage, which you can pick up at The Men’s Department.  There are some really awesome designs there right now, and you can also pick up the shoes Bray is wearing there too, by HX.  Let’s not forget how awesome Brays’ mesh head is, its full of amazing detail and we genuinely think it is the best mesh head we have ever seen in SL.  You can pick one up at the Samurai Main Store, and also at the satellite store at Pretty Things Shopping District.  Also if you are looking for some great men’s clothes, you can check out REBELLION at the Pretty Things Shopping District too!

On Tilly:

On Bray:



  • MudHoney Gina Chair – Designs Shown Are Triangles & Confetti

Stars &  Ephemera:

  • Fancy Decor: Star Light, Star Bright (silver) & Pinned Ephemera, also  Wire Basket w/ Pillows

Me & You Light:

  • tarte. me & you marquee (holographic)


Rose Garland:

  • +Half-Deer+ Coming Up Roses – Garland A (Baby Pink)

Celebrating Our Love

Celebrating Our Love


Hello Everybody!

Thank goodness it’s Friday!  We have had a crazy week, but here we are, doing what we love.  Spending time together 24/7 and working on a new blog for you aswell 🙂  Life doesn’t get better than this!

We think it is so important to cherish those close to you, to treat each other with respect and express your love to those you care about.  This is why we decided to have a celebration of our love, and we wanted to share that with you today 🙂

My amazing, gorgeous, kind, loving, protective and all round perfect husband is the centre of my world, and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for him.  This is how we are, and this is how we love our lives together <3

Today we have some gems for you.  I am wearing the new Desiree hair by enVOGUE, and isn’t it a pretty hair!  I love it, and it comes in lots of different colour packs for you to choose from.  Head over to their main store now and check it out for yourselves.

Bray is wearing this awesome top by Scars, which you can grab for yourself at The Men’s Department event right now.  While you are there you can also grab his Black Classic Hi Tops by HX, which are also at The Men’s Department!

We will be back again tomorrow, and hope you guys stay happy and safe!


~Tilly & Bray~


On Tilly:

On Bray:



  • !bang – stool homme } bare



Endless Love

Endless Love

Hello Everyone!

My gorgeous Bray and I had a little time to hang out and we decided to do another blog post today for you guys!  We love to blog, and we love enjoying the experience together.  Bray and I are never apart, and we love that aspect of our relationship.  <3

So here we are with another few beauties to share with you, and first of all lets start off with this beautiful Sophia Dress by MOoH!  Now, MooH! are quickly becoming one of my favourite designers, they make such cute stuff, and we are happy to say that Dalriada is a friend of ours.  This dress is super cute and perfect for any girly girl, or babygirl out there.  It comes in a few different colours, and you can head over to the main store and check them out for yourselves 🙂

Bray is wearing the new amazing Ranger Cargo Pants by Lapointe & Bastchild.  These come with a variety of textures to suit your needs, and the detail on them is incredible!  If you would like to check them out, and grab a pair for yourselves, you can get them at The Men’s Department right now.

We will be back tomorrow with some more amazing goodies to share with you, until then, have fun and take care of each other 🙂


~Tilly & Bray~


On Tilly:

On Bray:

Heart Light:



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