Word To My Love

Word to My Love
Happy Friday Everyone!

I hope you all had an amazing week and that you are looking forward to your weekend.  I wanted to showcase today and speak about words and how powerful they are and how just a few simple words can make all the difference in ones life or day.

Often time we speak to our friends or family and we never realize how much we don’t say to them until we have just mere moments left.  I try everyday to let my family and friends and especially my beautiful wife know how much I adore and miss her, but most importantly how much I love her.  We all say it, but often time the words I LOVE YOU tend to be common, or just something to say.  This is not the case and as I stand here today, I can say every time I tell her that I love her, I mean it with my whole heart. It’s so powerful, so breathe taking, almost as if it is the first time I am ever saying it to her.

I say this to you all cause I want you to know, never take a moment, a second, or a thought to ever diminish or minimize those words. Time is short, life is precious, and make sure you always let those that you love know.

I hope you all enjoy the style I have done for you today.

~TIlly and Bray~

  • Hair: *Dura-B&G*77-BROWN (@TMD)
  • Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Justin
  • Glasses:[Z O O M] Stogger Glasses (@TMD)
  • Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes – Coffee
  • Body: [Signature] Gianni
  • Shape: ..::SAMURAI HQ::.. Cesar Shape
  • Skin: L’Etre Skin Shop – Ian Skin [Golden Tone]
  • Jacket: BlankLine CorchJacket_signature [Black] (@TMD)
  • Shorts: <Kalback> Cut Off Shorts (@TMD)
  • Shoes: [ VERSOV ] LOLITOV_( Signature )_WHITE (@TMD)
  • Tattoo: Speakeasy Guiding Light Tattoo (@TMD)