Hey There!

Hey There!

Hey Guys & Girls!

It’s a cold rainy day here in the UK, so what better way to spend a rain Sunday afternoon, than to create a fun blog for you guys?!  So, without further delay, here we go…

First of all, this is the brand new Jojo hair by Truth.  I absolutely love this hair, which comes in 2 different versions – one with a baseball cap, and one without the cap.  Both styles have all our favourite hair texture HUD’s and you can go grab them at the current round of the Uber Event.

My top and jeans are both by R3volt and they are awesome!  It’s great to see R3volt bringing out some brand new items too, as I am a big fan of their style!

Hope you guys love these new items, and can go check them out for yourselves.

Have fun, stay safe!


Bray & Tilly


On Tilly: