Sleepy Time

Sleepy Time

Hello Girls!

Yes, this blog is aimed particularly at the girlies out there, as my gorgeous Bray was working away in RL while I took this picture for the blog.

This is a really exciting blog for me, as it is almost entirely dedicated to Truth.  Not only do we have the awesome new Sunday hair by Truth,  but we also have this super cute sweater, panties and eye mask gacha set also made by Truth!  These items are made exclusively for the new round of the Epiphany Event.

There are all our favourite colour HUD’s for the hair , and the sweater, panties and eye mask also come in a variety of colours and designs.  I fell in love with these completely,and I am sure you will too!

So why not head over to the Epiphany Event right now, and have some fun on the Truth gacha machine to get your favourite items!

That is all for now, see you again really soon!


~Bray & Tilly~


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