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enVOGUE Estelle

Hello Girls & Guys

Here we are, back with another blog post today, woot!   We have the really cute and stylish Estelle hair by enVOGUE.  This is such a unique hair, with the long straight fringe/bangs, and then the braids either side, it is so cute and flattering, and would suit almost every style avatar we can think of.  The enVOGUE team are great, and make fantastic hairstyles for all different tastes.  If you haven’t checked them out before,  you should go check them out today.

My gorgeous Bray is wearing some amazing items that you guys can find at  The Men’s Department.  They have a ton of ideas for guys and can give your wardrobe a new spark of fashion 🙂  We hope you like this blog post 🙂


~Tilly & Bray~


On Tilly:

On Bray:





  • MudHoney Skyler Chair – Beech Pattern