Shorts Outfit With Twisted Belt

Shorts Outfit With Twisted Belt

Hello Everyone!

Here we are again, with another great full perm outfit by George Verde.

This item is the mesh Shorts Outfit With Twisted Belt.  This is a really great item, with lots of detail and will fit most standard sizes and also mesh avatars too.  As this is a full perm item, you can create your own textures for it and then sell it as your own brand in your store.  This is a really cute outfit, and we just know you will love it!

That is all for now, Bray and I will be back with you again very soon!  Stay safe, enjoy the sun!


~Bray & Tilly~


Sunshine Cover-Up

Sunshine Cover Up

Hi Guys & Girls!

Today my gorgeous Brayden and I have this really cute and stylish Bathing Suit Cover Up design by George Verde.

This is a great mesh design, perfect to put on over your bikini while out on the beach this summer.  Also, this is a full perm item, so once you have re-textured it with your own textures, you can then re-sell it as your own brand.

What more could you want?  This is a great item, high quality and perfect for these hot summer days.

We will be back with you again really soon!


~Bray & Tilly~


True Love <3

True Love <3

Hey lovely people!

We hope you guys are having a great weekend, and getting to spend some quality time with friends and loved ones. My gorgeous Bray and I have been busy making some new clothes, for our :{Pretty Things}: clothing line and you can see them soon at an event near you! 🙂

Today we have some great items to share with you!  For the first time, I am wearing my new Catwa Dyana Mesh Head.  I am still learning about them and all the wonderful appliers you can get for them too.  In this picture I’m wearing the Hush Diana skin applier, which I think looks awesome!

My darling Bray is wearing this really cute hat & hair combo by Drot, its really cool and the hair at the front is animated to give that real feel to it.  We really love it and I think he looks really handsome in it 🙂  Also Bray is wearing this casual outfit by N-Uno.  You can grab all the items he is wearing (apart from his shoes), at the Men Only Monthly Event.

The bridge you can see, is the amazingly well made ‘The Old Bridge’ by Studio Skye.  This is one of the best bridges we have seen in SL, and is 100% mesh.  It looks fantastic, and you can check out the Studio Skye landscaping creations in world HERE.

The umbrella boat in the picture is an older item, but something we really love, from Lisp.  You can sit inside and there are lots of fun and different poses you can choose from.

We hope you have found some inspiration in our blog today, and we will be back with you again really soon!  Be safe guys & girls.


~Bray & Tilly~


On Tilly:

On Bray:



Umbrella Boat:

  • Lisp: Umbrella Boat



Cerridwen’s Cauldron Creations

Cerridwen's Cauldron Creations

Hello Guys & Girls!

The weekend is finally here – hasn’t it been a long old week?!   Things have been crazy busy for us as usual, getting everything set up for our August round of the :{Pretty Things}: Show Room Event.  We are so excited about the new round, but also the new venue.  The current round is still on, until August 6th, so feel free to go check out all the exclusive designs there before the event ends!   Also, come check out the new round of the event that starts on August 11th.  Its going to be huge! 🙂

Today we have something a little different from what we usually blog, but we saw these items from Cerridwen’s Cauldron Creations, and we thought they were super cool and perfect for anyone looking for something a little different, or fantasy style.

Looking at the items in the picture, from left to right we have:

★ Water Underbrush ★ Torchbud Mold ★ Chalice Flower ★ Dryad Pitcher ★

These really are truly beautiful items, and if you haven’t checked out this designer before, it is definitely worth a visit to their inworld store.  Its full of magical and fantasy items which will help your imagination run wild!

Have a great weekend everyone!


~Bray & Tilly~


A Grand Affair

A Grand Affair

Hello Ladies and Gents,

So today Tilly and myself woke up to this amazing scenery and it was just too good to pass up.  Why? Well with the anticipation of what is to come, much like the sun rising in the morning to start a brand new day, so too will this set up start a brand new round in August for the {PRETTY THINGS}: Show Room Event.

With the continued success of the event, we have moved it within the same region and a whole brand new design.  Settled in now with all our designers ready to showcase their finest exclusives for all of you coming up in August, many still have their current items at our PRESENT LOCATION and July Round where you can grab this rounds items simply by visiting HERE.

This set up is such an amazing design from the mind of Tilly and we had a little help from our amazing friends who truly deserve much credit.

Comprised of the pillars form SURGE, these fit perfectly within our design concept.  Surge is amazing. The intricate details that pop out from his creations are by far the most amazing I have seen along my travels with my amazing and beautiful Lil Mint. Pick these up for yourself and use them to inspire a garden theme or just decor on your land and they are **FULL PERM** so you can make them whatever your texturing mind fancies.

Also we have this amazing building from Atelier Boudoir.  This was perfect to showcase the exquisite designs of our sponsors and event participants.

Put both of these items together and you have a place that is not only eye catching and pleasing, but also a beautiful representation of the quality you will get from this upcoming round to begin August 11th.

Tilly and myself will be back soon with another post for you all to enjoy.

Till next time.

Tilly and Bray