Aphrodite – Canada Day Party Set

Aphrodite - Canada Day Party Set

Hey Guys & Girls!

As a follow up to yesterdays blog with the awesome Independence Day Set, Aphrodite have released this equally as amazing Canada Day Party Set, for all of our Canadian friends out there 🙂

As you can see, this is a super cute set, which comes with a party table, balloons, beer party bucket, cookies, tartelettes, food warmer with pizza and burgers, beer bucket, flag cake, ice cream soda and sweet little Canadian flag plates to eat all this lovely food from!

This really is a fantastic set, and just in time for your Canada Day parties!  You can go check this item out at the Aphrodite Main Store.

Also in this blog, you can see these cute patio chairs by [CIRCA], which look great and very appropriate for any outdoor party or celebration.

These gorgeous Spring Cherry Trees are also by Aphrodite, and come in various colours including light pink, dark pink, pink and white.  We love them!

My lovely Bray and I will be back with you again very soon!  Have fun and be safe!


~Bray & Tilly~


Canada Day Set:

Patio Chairs:

  • [CIRCA]: [CIRCA] – “KAIU COAST” Patio Chair  (Part of the KAIU COAST Set)

Spring Cherry Trees:

Independence Day Party Set – Aphrodite

Aphrodite July

Hey Guys & Girls!

If you are looking for that perfect celebration set for Independence Day, then look no further than this awesome new design by Aphrodite.

The set includes everything you see here in the picture, including ballons, table, beer bucket, champagne, floating beer cooler, a resizable Happy 4th July sign, cupcake dispenser, cake, sweets dispenser, fruit kebabs platter, – everything you need for that perfect celebration.  Aphrodite have really out-done themselves with this, each item is full of detail, colour, and is very high quality!

Go to the Aphrodite main store and grab one for yourselves so you can celebrate this 4th July in style!


~Tilly & Bray~


Home Comforts & Cuddles

Home Comforts & Cuddles

Hi Everyone!

We hope you guys are having a great Wednesday?  Today my gorgeous Bray and I have some awesome things to share with you.  We hope you like them 🙂

Not only do we have some must have clothing and fashion items, but we have some amazing home and furniture designs which we know you will love!

My darling Bray is wearing this great “Steve” outfit by N-Uno, and I am wearing what has to be my favourite dress in a long time, the “Sangria Dress” by my lovely friend Hilly Haalan.

This amazing furniture set is by [CIRCA].  It is 100% original mesh.  There are lush velvet fabric choices in 6 hues, either in neutrals or colour. These can be accessed via touch menu for the seating. The chaise seats have 34 quality animations for the left seat and same for the right (mirror), all different though, so 68 in total for lounging. The animations range includes various sits, chats, reading, modeling, talking on the cell, and laying about relaxing. The ottoman comes with 14 sit animations for both the ladies and gents, Also, to accompany the ottoman are a set of 3 wooden trays, 1 plain, and 2 with succulent planters arranged differently allowing space to add other items. For a soft, modern look, these pieces are the perfect choice. They can be easily added to a loft space, villa, resort, or a special room.  We think you will love this set, and it is so versatile and will easily fit into any style home and make it a very attractive and comfy living space.

Also we have the very cool drapes from MudHoney, and also the very stylish Virginia Cabinet, also by MudHoney.  We think these pieces really add to the style of the room, along side the [CIRCA] items.

We hope you love these new designs we have introduced to you here, go check them all out and have fun!  My lovely Bray and I will be back with you again very soon!


~Bray & Tilly~


On Tilly:

On Bray:


Horizon Set:

  • [CIRCA] – “Horizon” Velvet Chaise L & R , & Ottoman – Colors.
  • [CIRCA] – “Aurora Horizon” Watercolour Painting
  • [CIRCA] – “Horizon” Wooden Tray v2 – with Succulent Pots

Also in this picture:

  • [CIRCA] – :VIBE: Area Rug – Chenille – Retro Interlock Charcoal
  • [CIRCA] – :VIBE: Floor Vase – Black


Drapes & Cabinet:


  • [ba] san clemente casita



Prom And The Party After

Prom and The Party After

Hi Everyone!

We are back with another amazing Full Perm blog post.  Tilly and myself have absolutely fallen in love with some of the most amazing creations out there and how much detail and time go into creating them  Today we are featuring creations from George Verde.  These creations are absolutely some of the easiest meshes to work with and are created with such extreme detail.

First is a pair of skinny jeans.  These jeans are well detailed in their own right and just simply adding to them with whatever your mind can imagine would be a sure fire hit for your brand.

The top is absolutely adorable and would be perfect for that day after the prom coupled with the jeans.

But isn’t PROM one of the most important dances of the year, well George has added such a beautiful full perm dress to enhance that experience.  The detail, the beauty, the image of you in the dress is sure to make many a girl happy.  I can imagine my lil beautiful monk dancing around in her beautiful dress by George Verde smiling and creating the most amazing memories.

George is a fantastic and amazing creator and we will be showing you so much more of his amazing works.  Head on over to his Market Place and check them all out for yourselves.

Till later,

Tilly and Bray





Hey Everyone!

Today we have these awesome new designs by [CIRCA].  We have become hugely fond of the [CIRCA] brand, they make amazing furniture and pieces that will make every house feel like a home.  Today we are introducing the new Kaiu Coast patio set.  This is a beautiful set, and is perfect for an outside area, or as we have used in this picture, in our conservatory.  You can go check out this set which is currently available at the SaNaRae Event from 25th June – 18th July.  The set includes:

★ Patio Chairs ★ Side Table ★ Low Marble Table ★ Patio Ottoman ★ Palm Floor Planter ★  Palm Leaf Pot ★

All of these items include a texture change option when clicking the shadow prim under the item.  We know you will love this new patio set as much as Bray and I  do!  Go check it out today.  Have fun, stay safe 🙂


~Tilly & Bray~



Also in this picture, but not in the KAIU COAST set:


  • [CIRCA] – :VIBE: Area Rug – Weave – Diamonds on Black
  • +Half-Deer+ Fairy Curtains [White Set]