Heart’s On Fire

PT Chloe Fireplace

Hi Everyone! Yup Tilly and I are back with another blog post just for you.  One thing that Tilly and I love about our home is our fireplace. No matter the season as there is no seasons really or you can make any season in SL is a fireplace.  There is something about them that just speak to cuddles and snuggles.

.{ PRETTY THINGS }.  has just released 4 new Fireplaces out at the Main Store.  They all come with a working fire script inside that you can turn on or off whatever suits your desire as the time.  Done in 4 amazing textures this is sure to fit anyone of your homes.

At a low cost of just 450L$ this amazing build and fire will bring your home alive and give you plenty of opportunities to cuddle with your loved one.

We hope you enjoy this build of ours and head on over and grab your copy today.

Tilly and Bray

:{PRETTY THINGS}: – Chloe Fireplace

Time (butter)Flies when your sitting by the fire

PT Serge Fireplace, Clock & Butterfly

Hi Everyone,

Tilly and myself wanted show you and bring light to some amazing full perm creations from Surge.  Surge is a fantastic Mesh Creator and his works are absolutely stunning.  From this amazing and realistic like Gear Wall Clock that tells time in SLT format, to the beautiful butterfly that can adorn your wall, and let us not forget that warm and cozy fireplace to cuddle up in front of with your partner.

The best part about full perm mesh is the ability to “design” it as you like. No restrictions apply on how you texture these amazing items, and if you are a designer what better a way to create some new and exciting creations for your builds and brand.

Tilly and I have become heavily invested and interested in the full perm market, and found that this avenue is something that many might overlook.  Don’t! Surge is a great place to get so many great items that you can enjoy and even resale after creating your own amazing items from them.

We hope you like them and we look forward to our next post to you.

Tilly and Bray

MudHoney – The Arcade – June 2016

MudHoney - The Arcade - June 2016

Hey Girls & Guys!

Happy Saturday 🙂   We hope you all have an amazing weekend with lots of fun things to do 🙂

Today we have a special blog for you, with this sneak peak preview of the new MudHoney Piper set that will be available at The Arcade from June 1st.  There are some really cute designs here, and we are sure you will love them!  The set consists of 3 different candles, 2 different rugs, various cushion styles,an urn,  a cute table in 2 styles, diffuser, lanterns, plants, screens of different styles, and the rare items are the daybeds. This picture shows just a selection of the items available.  We hope you have fun playing the gacha when the event opens on June 1st, and get all the items you want.  🙂

My gorgeous Bray and I will be back again very soon with some more fun things to share with you!


~Tilly & Bray~


  • MudHoney Piper Set:  Available at The Arcade from June 1st.



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Pink Haze

Pink Haze

Hey Girl & Guys

We hope your week is going great, and have lots of fun things lined up for the weekend!

My darling gorgeous Bray is busy working in RL today, so I thought I would do a solo blog, as I have so many awesome things to share with you!

First of all, I am really excited about the new Elira hair by Truth!  This is a really nice hair, tied back in a band, with a cute feel to it.  You can wear this hair with or without the hat for extra versatility.  The hair comes in our usual varieties of texture HUD’s, as does the hat.  The bands also have a texture HUD.  So there are a lot of choices with this hair, which is great! I really love this, and  I am sure you will too.  You can head over to the Uber event which is on right now, to pick up yours.  There is also another style that is available at the Uber Event and I will be blogging that for you tomorrow.

Also, I wanted to blog this amazing leather jacket by Lapointe & Bastchild.  The jacket has various texture change options, so you can pick colours that suit your fashion needs.  Also it comes with 2 different styles of top to wear underneath as an add on, which really is fantastic!  As you can see, it has a lot of detail, and is a great jacket, I love it.

Have fun out there at the events, and Bray and I will be back with you again very soon!


~Tilly & Bray~



:{Pretty Things}: Exclusive Dotty Dress @ Addicted To Black Event



Hey Everyone!

Just to let you know, our new :{Pretty Things}: Dotty Dress is now available at the Addicted To Black Event, which starts today!

This dress is super cute, and is completely exclusive to this event, so you can only get it at the Addicted To Black Event.  Don’t miss out on this cute dress, and head over there and pick one up for yourselves 🙂

We hope you love this dress as much as we do!


~Bray & Tilly~