Love By The Lake

Love By The Lake

Hi Guys & Girls!

We hope your week is off to a great start!  The sun is shining here in the UK today (lets make the most of that!), and it is starting to feel like summer is just around the corner 🙂

Last night Bray and I went for a lovely walk together and decided to take a picture.  We were both loving our new clothes, so here we are wearing some awesome new designs that we wanted to share with you.

I am wearing my new L&B Boyfriend Jeans.  They have been updated to give us more options and also now have mesh sizes for Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique & Slink Hourglass.  We really love these jeans, and they look perfect with my new Long Sleeved Tee that my gorgeous Bray made!  He really did an amazing job on this, and we are proud to announce that you can now buy this Tee in our mainstore at the Pretty Things Shopping District.  There are 4 versions, so head over and pick the one you like best, and they are all at a very reasonable price. 🙂

Bray is wearing these super funky Rock Jeans by Invictus, we love the look of these, so full of detail and they just look absolutely amazing!  Any of you guys looking for some great jeans, or a new look, can grab a pair for yourselves at the Men Only Monthly event.

We are going to go catch up on some work, but we will be back again tomorrow with another blog for you all.  Have fun out there, and take care of each other.


~Tilly & Bray~


On Tilly:

  • Hair: [taketomi] Kina Bento
  • Skin: [hush]  Teagan – Latte
  • Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
  • Shape: Pretty Things  – Tilly New Shape
  • Top: Pretty Things – W- Long Sleeve Tee Pink/Tuquoise
  • Jeans: L&B Swear Boyfriend Jeans
  • Boots: L&B  Swear Ranger Leather Boots – Womens

On Bray:


Sim Surround:


White Fence:

String Lights:

  • {what next} Amalfi String Lights – Fiesta (scripted)

Stand With Your Heart

Stand With Your Heart

Hello Everyone,

So today I wanted to really take a moment and give my lil girl Tilly a break from all the postings, so I figured I would do a blog post and type it all up.  Now bear with me here as I feel that something is much long overdue when it comes to expressing my true hearts desires and emotions.

Many have said I am a master of words, or have the ability to speak in terms that sound quite verbose, I guess they were half right at the time. But I digress and state that unequivocally since the day I met my Tilly Mint, that the words come natural to me, that the words I speak are the truth and the feelings that I say them with have never been more heartfelt then they are with her.

I often hear that love is not real in SL, or that it is “Just a Game” and to some that may well be the case, living a fantasy world to doctor up their vanilla life, or maybe it is to create designs and builds that are in their head and they use SL to create those images (mind you many of those designs are FABULOUS), but nothing can be created, nothing can be said, nothing could be more real than the feelings that dwell within my heart for my Tilly.

It has now been over 9 months strong, countless hours together, Skype calls, a few row’s (you like that lil mint), but in the end our love is Real, it is time tested, and it will continue to grow as every day I fall more in love with her.  She is my center, my rock, my heart, my princess, my passion, my soul, my friend, my lover, my best friend, my partner, my real life, my second life, my lil, my lil girl, my babygirl, my forever, my present, my future, but most of all she is the one woman that in over 15+ years of dating has ever GOT ME!

I am at peace with her, I am myself with her, every secrete bared, every moment unique and genuine.  This lil is the only thing that gives me reason to wake up, to work hard, and to truly believe that life is mean to be lived happy, rather then just lived.

I have given my life to her, I trust her with my heart, I trust her with my life, and I trust her with every dark room, lighted hallway, or shattered window of my past.  She never judges, she always comforts, and she truly is the most amazing woman there is. (Sorry to all the other ladies, I am sure your great, but nothing could hold a candle to my Lil Mint).

I have seen Tilly with her friends, her heart so wide, her emotions bared on her chest, and this woman feels so passionate and so strong for everyone, to be a part of her life is a gift, a gift I know I will share for eternity.

I love you Lil Mint, My Monkey, My Babygirl, and know that my love for you is true, tested, and sealed with my soul.  We share so much in common, from shows, to fashion, to design, to creation, to vision, to future promises, and grand adventures. You have and will forever complete me. I am truly yours and I adore the hell out of you, and protecting you is my life, my purpose, my passion.

I leave you with this, I am honored and blessed to be the one man out of thousands that you chose to trust with your heart, your life, and your feelings. Thank you for believing in me, changing me to be the best I can be, and for truly making a difference not only in my life, but all of the other lives you have touched.


Brayden (Daddy, Mr. Monks).

Now let’s hit the fashion shall we?

Tilly is wearing an amazing and beautiful romper from Le Fil.  She looks so cute in it, I admit my drool cup had to be emptied a few times, so ladies if you want to make your man lose his mind, I suggest you head over and grab you one of these.

Bray is wearing a mix up of clothes that he found from this month’s round at Men Only Monthly.  The shirt and Tie are a must for the casual man and were created by the amazing Legal Insanity brand.  He is also sporting a new watch from Zoom that is quite detailed and well designed.  If you have trouble keeping track of time, this watch will always keep you early.

I hope you all enjoyed the post. Till next time!

Bray & Tilly


On Tilly:

On Bray:





Be Nice!

Be Nice!

Hello everyone! We wanted to do a blog that will not only focus on so many amazing new items that have made their way to the grid, but to just talk about an overall image and perception that seems to have invaded many residents minds over the past few months.

Blogging is something we do not because we “have to” but because we want to.  We give up most of our free time, to search for your items (if we do not already blog for you).  We take time out of our precious online time together, to advertise YOUR designs, to show interest in YOUR creations, and to bring more attention to YOUR creations. We do it cause we love to focus on and feature designers work.  It is a win win situation on both our parts.  Sure we get some review copies, and often we will just buy the items we love and then support our designers.  Whether it be a blog post, word of mouth, or even just revisiting their store. We do this as well cause “WE LOVE TO” not because we are forced.

Bloggers have rules to follow, we have to send our links, we have to make sure the designers that support us are made aware of their items being posted. This is essentially a free form of advertising. A Quid Pro Quo of sorts on each of our ends and mostly it makes both parties extremely happy as well as successful. Both are gaining something so it works. But here is where we will change course and talk about negative aspects of things.

As of late many residents have a holier than thou attitude. They feel because they create, they are better than anyone and everyone else is beneath them.  They will be rude, nasty, matter of fact, and sarcastic. Like for example asking them to participate in a an event, now most are friendly and say “I am too busy, but thanks for the invite”, and that is all you have to say.  However, recently we are getting replies such as  “why the “F**K are you sending me a notecard to your event?”  Let’s think about that, DUH!!!  How the hell else is one to contact you?  Someone needs to remove the stick that was shoved up their bum, remove their head from there as well, and just be happy and polite. You see without the advertising, or marketing, or even the publicity that word of mouth gives to you, or even blogging, you would have nothing.  Sure you can create, Brav the Fuck O.  I’m happy for you, but can you let’s say….  DJ, Or what have you not, probably not, so how would you feel if you recruited a DJ for your brand opening and that said DJ said, “Why you freaking contacting me, what do you want? Your store is too new for me to put my time into? Yeah just think here for a moment.

Be polite, don’t act like you lost your shit in the bowels of greed, don’t put yourself above others as something so big, lose the ego, drop the arrogance and stop being so sanctimonious.  No one in this world is better than one another, not a designer, not a blogger, not a dj, not a owner, not anything.  Without each other to benefit from no parties would be successful.  SL was a place that benefited everyone.  Not just those that feel they are better than anyone.

Many of you may find our post offensive, and at this point I say to you, STOP READING, if you don’t like it. It’s that simple.  Same can be said for SL, if you are not interested, take the 1 minute to say hey thanks for looking into my brand, I appreciate it, but we are not interested in a store, or a blog post, or what have you not, don’t be a dick and type off some long scathing diatribe to explain your arrogance, like some kind of keyboard gangster!

At times I wish posts like these were not needed, but at times a blogger, a designer, a creator, a DJ, an owner, no matter your SL profession needs to be knocked down a peg.  If you don’t have time,  say so. If you don’t want to do something, say so, but for the love of god, use your damn voice and say so, but be polite, don’t be a complete douche.

The saying in the world goes it takes 15 seconds to create a first impression and you will never have that opportunity again to create it.  That for every 1 negative reaction to a person will result in 10 negative reactions being spread about you and your brand.

I feel that SL has become a place of arrogance, greed, self serving people that believe they are better once they make it big, but in turn there are so many that are not.  There are several designers that are appreciative of the hard work that people put in to market their brand.  To promote them. To show how much love they have for them, and this post is not about you, it is about those that treat their bloggers, employees, customers, and potential clients like trash. GROW UP!  Remember at one time you were small, you were just starting out, and needed that positive reaction to your brand. Do not forget where you came from, and remember just because you are big now, does not mean that the floor is stable enough to support your heavy ego. Be careful who you walk over on the way up, you might just meet them on your way back down!

As we said, this is not aimed at any designers we blog for.  We LOVE the designers we blog for, and they are all lovely people and very talented at that. We appreciate their work, and their friendship, time and support.  Just like in RL, it is just the odd few that make things difficult, and it just irritates us when people are rude to us, for showing an interest in their work.

I will close this long rant here, and move to those amazing new designs that we have promised.  So here we go…

As you can see, Tilly is wearing the new hair by Truth, we have done a full feature on this hair, but Tilly wanted to wear it again as she loves it so much 🙂  It is a pretty hair 🙂

Bray is wearing an awesome shirt by N-Uno, which you can grab at the Men Only Monthly event, along with his jeans which are also by N-Uno.

Also Bray is wearing the brand new Terminus Tattoo by Rebellion.  This is a really amazing tattoo with lots of detail, and you can grab one for yourself at the Rebellion main store, or you can check them out at the Pretty Things Shopping District 🙂

The cute couch is by Barnesworth Anubis, and comes as part of the Retro Living Room set,  we will be blogging the whole set at a future date, but for now we wanted to share this with you as its super cute, very stylish and has great animations too!  Also it comes in a PG and Adult version.

That’s all for now but we will be back again very soon!


~Bray & Tilly~


On Tilly:

On Bray:



Me & You Wall Light:

  • tarte. me & you marquee (holographic)

Happy Fun Days!

Happy Fun Days


Hello Everyone 🙂

Today I am really excited to be introducing the brand new Tierney release from Truth Hair!  Yet again my understanding and adorable husband Bray, had to endure my jumping up and down on the spot, while clapping my hands excitedly when I received the new Truth Hair!  You think I’m kidding?  You should ask him! Lol 🙂

This is a really adorable hair, and not only does it have a cute fringe/bangs, but it also has super sweet plaits either side on the front too.  Add this together with all the amazing texture change HUD options, its a really versatile design.  Also there is a cute hair accessory which also has its own texture change HUD.  I am totally in love with this hair and I am sure you will love it too.   You can grab a copy for yourself at The Fantasy Collective Event from March 22nd.

Also I am wearing the Teagan Latte skin by Hush Skins.  This is a really pretty skin, and has all the usual beauty options you love from Hush, inclusing blush, eyelashes, freckles etc.  A really pretty skin, head over to the  main store and try it out for yourselves 🙂

My super cute dress is the Amelia dress by MOoH!   This is a beautiful little dress and its available now at the Designer Circle event. Also you can catch other MOoh! designs at the Pretty Things Shopping District that Bray and I own.  If you are interested in shopping, you will find some amazing designs at Pretty Things, and if you are interested in renting a store, it is the perfect place to get some prime exposure.  There is great versatility there and we welcome everyone! Also dont’t forget our monthly gacha event, at GatchAmazin, which is in the centre of our Pretty Things Shopping District.

That’s all for now, we hope you love some of the new items we are sharing with you, and we will be back again soon with more exciting designs!


~Tilly & Bray~


On Tilly:


Gacha Fun!

Gacha Fun!

Hi Guys & Girls,

We hope you are all doing well?  Sorry we have been a little quiet for a while, I had a birthday and went away for a few days, and my gorgeous Bray has been training for his new job, so we have both had limited time over the past couple of weeks.  However, we are back again and full of great new designs to share with you!

I completely love my Dana Top & Jeans HUD driven set by Hilly Haalan.  As you know, Hilly is a lovely lady and I am proud to call her a friend.  Hilly makes some of the most amazing clothes in SL and all her designs are very reasonably priced.  If you haven’t checked her designs out yet, you should head over to her main store 🙂

Bray is wearing his ultra cool Vale Koer Thermal Sweater.  I love the style of this, and it has a ton of detail in it.  Head over to The Men’s Department to check it out, and there are so many other awesome designs there for guys too!

Don’t forget, if you are a gacha fan, we have our March gacha round still running until the 14th April, when our new Easter/Bunnies/Pastel theme will start.  If you want to come shop, or if you want to take part as a designer for the event, pop over to Pretty Things Shopping District, and have a chat with us 🙂

That’s all for now, but we will be back with you again very soon!


~Tilly & Bray~


On Tilly:

On Bray: